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The 45 minute class will focus on key signs and feature …

⭐️ Easy to learn signs that will enable both adults and little ones alike to participate

⭐️ Print outs 📝 of the key signs as we learn them

⭐️ Starry who will hide in a colourful box and come out to engage with our Stars

⭐️ Our regular Hello & Goodbye songs… but with additional warm up & time to go home songs 👋🏼

⭐️ Nursery Rhymes and songs 🎶

⭐️ Stories 📚

⭐️ A different theme each week to include all of our little ones favourites 🥰

⭐️ What’s In The Bag activity 🛍️

⭐️ Musical Instruments 🥁

⭐️ Focus time on our Star Board 👀

⭐️ Small and intimate sessions that will allow us to say & sign every little ones name so they hear their name and see their sign frequently

There are SO VERY MANY benefits of signing, and introducing babies , toddlers and preschoolers to the world of using their hands to express themselves, boosting their language skills, including peers, building strong links to speech, encouraging neurological pathways to name just a few. 


If this class sounds like something you’d be interested in then don’t delay in getting in touch!  🌠


Signing Stars 🌠will be on Thursdays @11am . 


Signing Stars 🌠 will be a mixed ages class. Signing is recommended  as early as straight from birth, and is now encouraged to be included in the Early Years Framework and National Curriculum so there is never a Too Early or a Too Late to learn dilemma 😄


The class price will be £8 which will keep it inline with our Sensory & Massage classes ⭐️

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