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On Thursday afternoon’s from 12th @ 12.45 pm, Keeley will be hosting BABY MASSAGE CLASSES at our HQ in Stourbridge 


This 6 week course is aimed at babies before they can crawl and roll in order to provide the maximum hands on benefit of Baby Massage.


 What is included in the course:


45 minutes of structured and guided massage instruction from a qualified and insured teacher 


A bottle of premium grade organic oil


A detailed handout with what’s been taught each week, so you can incorporate the technique into your routine 


Being part of an active WhatsApp group to enable chat and/or swapping tips and hints. You can be as active or as inactive in the group as you wish  


Keeley’s number to answer any questions throughout the week 


Quiet time at the end with bubbles 


Extra oils available to buy should you so wish 


Fluffy and comforting towels at your disposal 


Refreshments available to buy before your class 


A small, intimate and cosy setting


A keepsake certificate of attendance 

** All for just £48 for a 6 week course **

So….. Why should I attend Star Babies Baby massage-

Baby massage first and foremost is something that you do WITH your baby, therefore a significant difference in all those things as parents/carers we do for our babies. Baby massage is taking time for you both and spending every second of time at your class with the paramount purpose being forming secure, close bonds and attachments together. Massage will become a new language for you both as you learn to read cues from one another without any need for verbal communication which comes naturally later in your child’s development. In additional to the emotional and social developmental benefits, comes holistic health. Your baby can have many discomforts eased and whole-body benefits when being given a well structured routine massage, these include colic symptoms, constipation, gas relief and open respiratory system feeding the body oxygen, and in turn feeding back to the body oxytocin!!! Oh and you will also benefit from that oxytocin being released in yourselves!! Massage is all about getting to know your child therefore no additional need prevents massage from taking place it is simply adapted to suit the individual to gain maximum benefits holistically. In a short yet effective massage routine you can easily promote your babies physical development, social/ emotional development, and communication and language development!



Spaces are SUPER limited , so ABSOLUTELY don’t delay in booking *** Message Keeley today on 07905 702841 ****

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