About Me


If you have gotten this far at clicking onto my website, then I would personally like to Thank You!

My name is Keeley and I am a married Mummy of one amazing little girl.

I have a vast background of working with babies, children and their parents/carers that spans over 25 years.

After much encouragement from parents who I've worked with and loved ones alike, I made the brave decision to launch my own company Star Babies, which has now been running for A WHOLE 3 YEARS!!!

About Star Babies

At Star Babies, we are all about the personal service, in the precious hour of yours and your babies bonding time. We do many activities each and every week that stimulate your baby's brain (did you know that your baby's brain has the ability to DOUBLE in weight during her first year from all the learning that can be done??!!!) all whilst having fun -  helping to lay those all important key foundations for all of baby's future learning!

What infants do in their first year has a massive impact on the rest of their lives, and why should the fun stop after just one year........ Here at Star Babies it doesn't have to, as there are classes suitable for inquisitive and independent toddlers too.

It can be a daunting experience starting a new class with your baby - I know, I've been there too! However, you are very much guaranteed a warm welcome at Star Babies, both from myself and from the other parents who attend.

Whether you choose to spend the hour bonding with your baby with no other distraction, or you'd quite like to chat and swap hints and tips from other like minded parents & carers, then the choice is totally yours..... "Your Baby, Your Choice..." is a motto that I quite like to adhere to.

Each week, there are new photographs added onto our Facebook page.... check them out to see what fun we have had!!!

So don't delay, book a no obligation taster session today. Call or message me on 07905 702841

I am looking forward to welcoming you and your Star into Star Babies.